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Quantum Key Distribution Terminal

QKD-POL40 series are QKD terminals launched by QunatumCTek with fully intellectual property rights. This series of products adopt decoy-state BB84 protocol and polarization coding scheme, can meet the requirements of quantum key distribution in the Metropolitan Area Network.

QKD-POL40 devices are 19-inch 4U standard rackable enclosure, and suitable for the engine room environments, and mainly used in Metropolitan Area Network.

QKD-POL40 can be divided into two types: QKD-POL40A (Transmitting in simplex mode, Type-A), QKD-POL40B (Receiving in simplex mode, Type-B). Type-A and Type-B can be connected together to execute QKD process, and provide quantum secret key, that cannot be decoded or eavesdropped, for the encryption service.

characteristics parameter
typical key rate@25℃ 15kbps @ 10dB
key rate under long-distance@25℃ 1kbps @ 17dB

Notes: Optical fiber insertion loss is about 0.2dB/km.

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