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Geiger-mode InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode

The InGaAs avalanche photodiode is a kernal device for single-photon detecting in the telecom-band. Collaborating with the CETC, the QuantumCTek provides Geiger-mode InGaAs avalanche photodiode of high performance compare with similar products aboard. The InGaAs APDs are designed with advanced conception and state of the art IC process techniques, meeting the stringent demands of single-photon detecting application. The InGaAs APDs feature high efficiency, low noise. 

The working voltage of device is higher than reverse puncture voltage during the normal operation(Geiger mode). APD will produce pulsed avalanche current when a single photon hits the active area. The circuit converts the pulsed current signal to standard data signal to realize single-photon detecting. The response spectral range is 950 ~ 1650nm.

linear mode (ambient temperature is 295k, all voltage and current parameters are default, unless otherwise noted)
responsivity 8.0--11.0A/W
reverse breakdown voltage 60--80V
photon detection efficiency 10%--20%
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