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Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Waveguide

The Periodically Poled lithium Niobate (PPLN) Waveguide is one of the key devices in quantum communication and quantum information processing. The PPLN waveguide is widely used in up-conversion single-photon detector, satellite-ground quantum communication interface, telecom-band entangled photon source with high rate, etc. What is morLe, the PPLN chip can also be used to produce optical source in the blue-green region, which is often adopted in the field of laser display. 

The PPLN-WG-UC50-P5-M5-22 series isspecifically designed for telecom-band single-photon detector. The waveguidesare fabricated withreverse proton-exchanging technique, and applied to convert 1550nm photons to 864nm band with low noise. Both the input and output of the waveguide are fiber-pigtailed, making it easy-to-use.

QuantumCTek also provides customized services of PPLN waveguides for various applications.

signal wavelength 1550nm
conversion efficiency 99% (typ.)
input fiber PM fiber / SM fiber
output fiber PM fiber / SM fiber / MM fiber
pump wavelength 1950 nm
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