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Quantum Random Number Generator

QRNG-PHF100 series, which promotes the technical level by 2 orders of magnitude, is one of the fastest commercial quantum random number generator(QRNG) around the world. The output random numbershave successfully passed the NIST test, the GM/T 0005 test, etc.

The randomness of the QRNG is guaranteed by the fundamental laws of quantum physics. Comparing with the pseudo-random number generator or the classical random number generator with noise source,the intrinsic random characteristic of QRNG is clearly defined and can be strictly proved form the perspective of entropy theory.

QRNG-PHF100 series features high integration, excellent performance, abundant interfaces, and wide adaptability. The random numbers of high quality may be utilized in the many fields such as information security, financial security, computing and so on. At present the QRNG-PHF100 has been adopted in some relevant fields.

random number generation rate 100Mbps-10Gbps
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